Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Burning Life ended, of course, with the burning of the Man.

The Man was situated in the corner of a region, and attendees crowded the four regions that came together there. I was unable to teleport in, but incredibly, I was able to TP into a neighboring region and simply walk across the border. Even more incredibly, when I logged back in after crashing, I still had my spot (which was a good one, as the pictures below attest).

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Ellie K said...

This is just a bit after-the-fact, but I actually have two pictures from Burning Man 2009 in which you are visible. Well, I don't have them, but Izit does. I wasn't present, but Izit attended. He realized that you were within camera range while sharing the snapshots with me a few weeks later.

Or did I tell you this already? I don't recall... I'll try to forward the pics, either as jpeg's or in-world photos, as soon as I can find them in my inventory.